Want to live clutter free effortlessly and forever? This site is dedicated to helping you achieve that miraculous sense of flow you can have in your home and your life when everything stays in its proper place. Here, you’ll find help and advice, and a quiz to help you diagnose your own clutter personality.

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Banish clutter forever

Banish Clutter Forever book cover
Most of the advice here is based on an incredibly simple but effective system for clearing clutter so that it never reappears, called the ‘toothbrush principle’. It’s fully explained in ‘Banish Clutter Forever – How the toothbrush principle will change your life’ Vermilion Books on 4th March 2010. Learn more or pre order your copy now!
  • News…

    7:46 pm : 10 January , 2011

    I’m featured in the Daily Express today with an article about detoxing your life in 10 mins… Read it here.

  • Urban graffiti artist Stik, and abstract artist Bronwen Bradshaw

    2:04 pm : 8 July , 2009

    Can your environment and the restrictions of your workspace influence the work itself? Here are an urban and a country artist for whom that’s definitely so…

  • Take the Clutter Quiz

    10:26 pm : 3 July , 2009

    What’s tripping you up and making you hold onto your clutter? Take the quiz and find out!